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Integrated Holistic Practitioner

Lana Persefoni Palmer 

My background has been that of observing people and their behaviour; training others on, among other skills, the subtleties in expressions for over 26 years. These observations and skills were honed through a variety of work environments ranging from Aesthetics, Retail, Aviation and Casino Surveillance & Security. 

I think it is this background in observing behaviour and my interest in why people behave the way they do, that drives my passion in holistic health. 

I certified as a BODYTALK practitioner and since completed the advanced courses; having been trained by local and international lecturers. I am affiliated to both the International Bodytalk Association and the South African Bodytalk Association. 

During the above certification period, I qualified as a REIKI MASTER, and further advanced to becoming an INTUITIVE FASCIA RELEASE practitioner.

I also consult in BEHAVIOURAL EVALUATION for families, couples and business teams. These are aimed at improving the understanding of each person, in their own unique expressions and contributions, within a family unit, relationship or business team. My main focus group here are Mom's and their children.  

I am also an avid MINDSCAPE life student. I use these skills to enhance and optimise all my sessions. 

It is through Mindscape that enables me to do the above modalities through DISTANCE SESSIONS. I have clients from various provinces in South Africa and Internationally in Canada, Thailand and United Kingdom.