Mind Body Connection

It's all about possibilities

A Behaviour Evaluation session is designed to assist an individual in uncovering their unique performance experience. This offers you a complete understanding of your full spectrum of POTENTIAL, in an individualised, detailed and behaviour-specific breakdown. We will explain your unique neurological wiring, your behavior patterns, performance strengths, areas of expression, and specify how you use your behaviour to fulfil your unique set of values. These are what fuel our emotions and, as we all know, emotions fuel our behaviours.

This information gives a person clarity in understanding themselves at a conscious and a subconscious level, and thereby releasing a possible lifetime of confusion as to who they really are, what it is they want, what they can achieve in their life, and how to effectively communicate and understand the people in their personal and social environments. 

I work with two core groups:

FIRSTLY, Individuals who have spent their lives holding their breath and hiding their voices, scared to say something against the flow and rock the status quo. Those who sat quietly and agreed to, and with, everything. Afraid they would say or do something wrong. Those who have long forgotten they have a voice as loud as a lion. 

I work with them to find their courage to speak from the heart, to not allow their voice to be tamed; to stop hiding away in the shadows and finally allow others to see and learn from their story. 

We do this so they know they have a right to be heard, to be brave enough to accept and love themselves first, and maybe even start new traditions.  

SECONDLY, I work with Mom's and their Children. Children are hardwired to seek out meaningful connections. They will do this through their own unique way of contribution. HINT: this is not only hugs, flowers and kisses :)

I help moms understand their children so that they are aware of their children's needs and how to meet them. More especially what behaviours their child is displaying to show their love.  

I help mom's see their children for who they really are; thus enabling mom's to build their child in a way that empowers the child through their own inner strengths. These meaningful moments mom's spend with their child is how a child learns to love themselves for who they are. Mom's can build this by playing with them, respond to their cues, nurture their needs, respond (instead of react) to their child's stress and help them calm down through regulation. Every time we acknowledge our child's attempt at connecting with us through bonding love is what makes a child feel confident, safe and have a sense of belonging. With this, a child will grow up feeling emotionally safe, loved and connected.